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Innovation Centre Denmark has an internship program that offers six month internships to Danish students as part of their graduate studies.


The Innovation Centre Denmark, Munich hosts a series of exciting events throughout the year, providing you as a intern with a golden opportunity to network and dialogue with the best and the brightest people and ideas in the technology hub of Germany. Are you interested in Life Science or Cleantech, ICT and R&D and ready to explore the fast developing innovation scene in Munich? Then maybe you should consider taking an internship by us in the city where innovation is engineered! We have openings for positions as interns in our Trade Department, Innovation and Invest in Denmark.

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New Delhi 

Your internship at the Innovation Centre Denmark, New Delhi will give you insight into the innovation center's core areas of Life Science, Clean Tech and ICT (information and communication). You will be involved in the development of research and innovation-driven collaboration between Danish and Indian companies, research institutions and universities. You will also gain broad knowledge on Danish-Indian relations and the ability to build networks in both public and private Danish and Indian institutions for research, development and innovation.

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São Paulo

An internship at Innovation Centre Denmark, São Paulo is a unique opportunity to work together with a team of dedicated employees that work towards increased cooperation and lasting partnerships between Danish companies and Brazilian higher education, research and innovation environments.  We are, however, constantly expanding our portfolio and for this we need further assistance.

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As an intern at Innovation Centre Denmark, Seoul, you will be involved in the development and support of research and innovation-driven cooperation between Danish and Korean companies, research institutions and universities. With Life science, ICT and Clean tech as the overarching themes we explore collaboration opportunities and connect to vibrant and tech-savvy Korean business communities.
We offer 6-month internship positions and we are looking for independent, curious and pro-active students that have an interest in science and technology. We are currently looking for interns.

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An internship at Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai is a unique opportunity to gain hands on experience, insight and knowledge about research and innovation in China. We offer two six months-long intern positions in the commercial innovation team with focus on either communication or administration.

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Silicon Valley

Internships at Innovation Centre Denmark, Silicon Valley offer unique opportunities to learn about business, research and innovation in Denmark and Silicon Valley, abundant opportunities for personal and professional challenges, and not least exciting experiences in a dynamic, global environment. We are now offering four exciting internships with great opportunities to gain hands on experience working with innovation in Silicon Valley, USA. We are looking to fill the positions of our R&D, Innovation and Invest in Denmark interns.

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Tel Aviv

A 6-month internship at Innovation Centre Denmark, Tel Aviv is a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience with research and innovation in one of the world’s most dynamic entrepreneurial eco-systems. Israel has been named the Start-up nation due to its high number of entrepreneurs and start-up friendly environment. As an intern, you will be involved in the development of research and innovation-driven collaborations between Danish and Israeli universities, higher education and research institutions as well as partnerships between Danish and Israeli companies. In particular, you will gain an insight into Life Science, Cleantech and Fintech, which are the core focus areas of the Innovation Centre.

Note that this position entails work related to business and trade in Israel, as you will also be a part of the Trade team at the Royal Danish Embassy in Tel Aviv.

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