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International Cluster Network

Danish cluster Networks participated in International TCI Global Conference held in November 2015 in Korea. It was a succesful event which opened doors and initiated new projects and innovation camps.

Five Danish Innovation Clusters, i.e. Danish Materials Network, INVIO, Innolifestyle, InnoPro, RoboCluster and Cluster Excellence Denmark visited Korea and attended the global cluster conference, TCI in November 2015. In bringing five Danish Innovation Clusters to this event, ICDK Seoul leverages Asian knowledge and experiences in Danish clusters. The five clusters had individual meetings with Korean companies and institutions relevant for their work, prior to TCI and at the conference they had the chance to meet and discuss with cluster people from 87 countries.  

During their visit to Korea, representatives from the Danish Materials Network, INVIO, Innolifestyle, InnoPro, RoboCluster and Cluster Excellence Denmark got a first-hand experience on relevant topics for them and their member companies.


The outcome of the delegation is expected to lead to several events organized by the clusters, aiming at opening the eyes of Danish companies to the many relevant opportunities for them in Korea and three of the five participating clusters entered an agreement of innovation camps and non-commercial character for 2016.


One of the clusters described their experience: ’We find the relevance and outcome of this event outstanding and we are surprised by the many opportunities in Korea'. The Korean government supports entrepreneurship with a focus on knowledge and bolsters the entrepreneurial agenda through the creation of  regional innovation centres and industry specific clusters that bring together relevant stakeholders to boost start-ups and innovation capabilities in sector specific areas. This was one of the driving forces behind the substantial Danish delegation.


For further information please contact Torben Orla Nielsen at, Innovation Centre Denmark, Seoul

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