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Moving forward through valuable connections


Is our technology ready for the German market? That was the question the company NeoGrid Technologies wanted answered through their collaboration with Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) Munich. ICDK Munich used their knowledge and experience at their location to set up meetings with experts in the field.

Valuable connections and expertise

"Innovation Centre Denmark Munich helped us map our most interesting stakeholders and set up meetings with the absolute experts within the field. We could not have got so valuable connections without their expertise and local knowledge in the market", says Henrik Lund Stærmose, CEO in NeoGrid Technologies.

Further development

NeoGrid’s technologies are still under development. Expert assessment is to clarify how and with whom their technology can be further developed and adapted to the German market.

Facts about NeoGrid Technologies ApS

  • NeoGrid is a cleantech company
  • They develop and deliver intelligent IT solutions for aggregation and deployment of flexible electricity consumption
  • NeoGrid is a SME with five employees and is located in Aalborg, Denmark

This case story exemplifies our service Business Development.


Helle Meinertz 
Executive Director, Munich
Tel.: (+49) 89 5458 5412