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Exploring new ground in China


How can we address the rapid urbanisation in megacities in China with our newest technologies? Novozymes never stop exploring new application fields for their technologies, which made Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) Shanghai a natural partner in order to grow. ICDK Shanghai helped Novozymes identify areas and find valuable connections.

Insight in potential market

Based on analysis and insights from ICDK Shanghai, Novozymes selected and met scientists, potential partners and opinion leaders.

Deep understanding of technologies

"Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai was an outstanding help. The deep understanding of our technologies paired with their ability to think both strategically and operationally meant that we could quickly focus our efforts on the real opportunities and assess these in a proper manner. Innovation Centre Denmark was a great and very professional partner on the project", says Henrik Bisgaard Frantzen, Senior Director R&D in Novozymes.

Facts about Novozymes

  • Novozymes is a global biotech company focusing on enzyme production
  • The company is world leader in bio innovation
  • Novozymes have more than 6,200 employees working in research, production and sales around the world

This case story exemplifies our service Business Development.


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Innovation Attaché
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