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SAXOCON fine-tuned their business model to target international partners

SAXOCON Aps is a consulting firm which provides safety certificates of chemical components in medical products, equipment, food safety, cosmetics and chemicals. SAXOCON was established in 2013 as a spin-off from The Technical University of Denmark.

SAXOCON completed phase 1 of the InnovationGROWTH programme from December 2015 to February 2016, where they were guided by special consultants under InnovationGROWTH to fine-tune their business model and value proposition on how to target their strategy towards an international context. The output from phase 1 was an action plan on how to gain access to international partners and further develop their products.

During phase 1, SAXOCON was challenged by the consultants on their strategy within e.g. communication and outreach and target customer group. They also received support on how to identify which R&D partnerships would create the highest value for the company and help them reach their target goal for international partnership. Furthermore, meetings were arranged with specialists from Innovation Centre Denmark, Munich, São Paulo and Seoul.  

SAXOCON decided upon completing phase 1 of the InnovationGROWTH programme, that they would like to continue with phase 2 with a tailor-made target on innovation clusters in Southern Germany. Innovation Centre Denmark, Munich will introduce them to potential partners from clusters in the region and assist them in gaining access to Germany R&D networks. Furthermore, SAXOCON has a meeting scheduled with Innovation Centre Denmark, Silicon Valley with a similar agenda.

Martin Friis-Mikkelsen, CEO, SAXOCON says, “For us, as a start-up, it has provided us with strong results to participate in the InnovationGROWTH programme. Our strategy has been fine-tuned in terms of product development and defining market shares to target potential international customers. And we have already experienced, that our international strategy has paid off through activities organised via the innovation centres located abroad.”    

For further information on SAXOCON see or contact Martin Friis-Mikkelsen

For further information on InnovationGROWTH, contact Susie Ruff, +45 2460 4176.