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Top Talent Denmark

The way to Danish Higher Education Institutions and Companies for young international talents  


Innovation Centre Denmark has taken the initiative to establish the first national marketing program aimed at attracting qualified students and candidates from China to Danish univeristies and companies.

The initiative grew out of increased demand from Danish universities and companies looking for Chinese talents and stronger positioning in China.

With good relations to both Danish and Chinese universities and companies Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai launched the program in 2011 aiming at attracting more Chinese talents to study in Denmark.

Denmark Day - a large education and career fair where students can meet and mingle with Danish universities and companies - is one of the major annual events organised by Top Talent Denmark. In 2013, Denmark Day took place at two of China’s top universities - Fudan University in Shanghai and Peking University in Beijing.

The initiative was orginally lanunched as Sino-Danish Network only focusing on China but after some succesful years, the concept was also initiated in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2013 by Innovation Centre Denmark. 

All Danish universities are involved in the program and the group of participating companies grow every year.

"We participate in Denmark Days for general branding purposes, to give students the opportunity to know more about our company. From a recruitment point of view, we don’t have many fresh graduates in recruitment each year, however, we have recently recruited an early stage candidate who participated in Denmark Days 2012. Grundfos also benefits from the partnership in the Top Talent programme as we appreciate the two-way support and collaboration with Innovation Centre Denmark and the Royal Danish Embassy.”

- Michael Cai, HR Manager – Attraction & Branding, Grundfos China.