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Innovation Centres

You can find our innovation centres in various strong innovation hubs around the world.

The locations of the seven centres have been chosen based on their relevance for Danish businesses, researchers, and institutions of higher education. Our centres have both Danish and local employees representing the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We build bridges between research and business – globally. Please click on the centres below to learn more about us.


  • BMW Welt

    We give you access to state-of-the-art industry and R&D in Europe

  • um

    We guide you to long-term research and business opportunities in India

  • Sao Paulo
    We guide you to research and technology with high impact in Brazil
  • ""
    We give you access to the Asian powerhouse of applied research and technology
  • um
    We help you navigate in China and open doors to research and business opportunities
  • um
    We help you scale by giving you access to world-class research and capital in the US
  • TelAviv

    We bring technology to the market, transferring new knowledge into business