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We give you access to the Asian powerhouse of applied research and technology

Innovation Centre Denmark Seoul is your gateway to enter Asia, as Korea is a large and developed economy with ambitious investments in R&D and strong focus on export.

The purpose of the centre is to create innovation and business opportunities, and build up relations between Korean and Danish R&D intensive companies, research institutes and universities.

Innovation Centre Denmark provides tailor-made counselling, assistance and inspiration to Danish start-ups, corporations, researchers and public institutions who wish to take innovation further through access to the best and brightest in Korea.

At Innovation Centre Denmark Seoul you find a strong team of consultants in innovation, research and science, and investment promotion. The team helps you open doors to Korean knowledge environments, capital, technology and networks, as well as promoting Danish core competences.

What’s in it for you?

Representing both The Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education and The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our consultants facilitate networks and cooperation between you and your relevant partners within science, innovation and higher education. Examples of tailor-made services are matchmaking, branding of Danish research/innovation clusters and higher education, and knowledge transfer.  

We offer a selection of different consultancy services directed at Danish companies looking to innovate and grow through partnerships with South Korean counterparts, ranging from innovation packages, innovation camps and specific seminars.

Contact our Seoul office

Martin Rune Hoxer
Executive Director
Phone: +82 10 2845 4187


Eske Bo Rosenberg 
Innovation and Research Counsellor
Phone: +82 10 2824 4187


Seong Kyun Kim
Senior Innovation Officer – ICT & Cleantech
Phone: +82 10 9654 1220


Sunwoo Vivian Lee
Research & Innovation Officer
Phone: +82 2 795 4187 (ext.304)

Jennifer Jun Hee Maeng

Research & Innovation Officer

Phone: +82 2 795 4187 (ext. 408)


Kate JooWon Jung

Innovation Assistent

Phone: +82 2 795 4187 (ext. 318)


Sophie Bogø Rahbek Mortensen
Innovation Intern
Phone: +82 2 795 4187 (ext. 412)

Maria Damgaard Frederiksen
Innovation Intern
Phone: +82 2 795 4187 (ext. 315)


Royal Embassy of Denmark

501-ho, 272, Sowol-ro, Yongsan-gu

140-775 Seoul

South Korea