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Drivers for Innovation in China - R&D and Consumer Driven Innovation and Trends

14.03.2017  06:11
This ICDK analysis is made for Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai by the Chinese based consultancy company China Skinny. The report looks into innovation as a primary force for economic development by investigating five selected areas.

Historically, China's growth has been driven by export, investment and manufacturing, but as China moves up the development ladder, the growth is shifting towards design, consumption and services. Innovation based on consumer needs plays a key role in China's transition and development. The report looks into R&D, consumer trends, drivers, key players and collaboration for the five selected areas: The mobile and smart living of the Chinese consumer; Food quality, safety & healthy foods; Patient centric and value-adding health care solutions; China's response to pollution and climate change and Striving for knowledge excellence.

You can access and download the report "Drivers for Innovation in China - R&D and Consumer Driver Innovation and Trends. ICDK Analysis No. 6, September 2016" here

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