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Top Talent Events 2016 in Brazil have started: Professional of the Future - Learn to Learn

12.09.2016  10:10
The Top Talent Denmark events in Brazil organized by ICDK Sao Paulo have started. Who is the professional of the future and what does it mean to learn to learn

From September 9th to September 14th representatives from a total of 10 Danish higher education institutions and companies are present in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to speak with Brazilian talents about how the Danish education methodology can help answer these questions.

Among the Top Talent Denmark events are the Salão do Estudante Fairs and Denmark Days 2016. On September 9th the events began with an alumni dinner, in which the Brazilian alumni from the Danish higher education institutions shared their stories and enjoyed a moment with the Danish representatives.

The higher education institution and companies that are present are:

• Aalborg University (AAU)
• Aarhus University (AU)
• Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA)
• International Business Academy (IBA)
• Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
• University of Copenhagen (KU)
• University College of Northern Denmark (UCN)
• University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
• Novo Nordisk
• Novozymes

For more information contact Innovation Attaché Stina Nordsborg, Innovation Centre Denmark, São Paulo, e-mail:

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