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SCALEit is a Danish growth initiative that helps Danish technology companies scale globally by connecting the companies to the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Learn more about the SCALEit program with the program facilitator, Christian Vinther:


The SCALEit accelerator program is a three-step model designed to inspire, ignite and accelerate Danish startups.

In this program, which takes place in Denmark, the SCALEit team brings Silicon Valley to Denmark in order to inspire and demonstrate how companies can take advantage of Silicon Valley’s many growth possibilities

This intensive week-long program allows companies to find out if they have a chance in Silicon Valley while achieving valuable feedback on how to become attractive in the global marketplace.

The accelerator program makes it possible for companies to be localized in Denmark while scaling through Silicon Valley, while the SCALEit team advises companies on how to reap the benefits of a Danish-American business setup.

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Christian Vinther

Senior Innovation Advisor


Jakob E. Søderberg

Senior Innovation Advisor 


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