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Two promising Danish start-ups represented Denmark at ‘Urban Innovation Challenge: Citypreneurs’ in Seoul

21.09.2017  08:40

On September 19 we welcomed CanopyLAB and AskApp to Seoul. The two Danish start-ups were in Seoul to participate in ‘Urban Innovation Challenge: Citypreneurs’ hosted by UN ESCAP, WFUNA and Seoul Metropolitan Government. They were chosen among 150 applicants to participate and compete in the event, and AskApp made it to the final. The overall goal of the event was to develop solutions to achieve UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and solve urban challenges through start-up businesses.

ICDK Seoul has promoted this event in Denmark and the travel cost was supported by the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education.

It was a fruitful experience for the teams: “Participating in the Urban Innovation Challenge: Citypreneurs has been an exciting and valuable experience and giving us an opportunity to present CanopyLAB's eLearning platform and software at a new market. We want to thank the Danish Innovation Centre in Seoul for making it possible and for providing us with financial and practical support, before and during the event” said Kim Lindgaard Jørgensen, Head of Sales, CanopyLab.

Both groups participated in the mentoring program and pitch competitions throughout the two days. AskApp succeeded to the finals as the only international start-up competing with eight other Korean start-ups, they commented on the experience: “We have been hugely honoured to be part of the Urban Innovation Challenge. Our mentors and facilitators have been a great help and support. They have assisted and advised us on business development but they have also linked us to new contacts and potential business partners, which will enable us to develop and set a new pace for AskApp. We were proud to be the international twist to a final that was dominated by Korean start-ups and we are convinced that this will lead to new opportunities as well. All of this had not been possible without the help of Innovation Centre Denmark, Seoul" said Simon Olsen, Co-Founder, AskApp.

The event was broadcasted in various Korean media. You can see Arirang News coverage of the event here:

As host Dr. Kilaparti Ramakrishna, Director of UN ESCAP ENEA said Tuesday in his welcoming remark: We congratulate them on being part of the solution!

Information about the two Danish start-ups:

- CanopyLAB has developed an interactive and innovative eLearning platform and software, through which they wish to personalize learning experiences and thereby place people in the center of their own learning.

You can read more about CanopyLab here:

- AskApp has developed an app through which people can seek and connect to professional help in order to heal and recover from mental health issues. The idea is to put these professional services at an affordable range for those in need and also allow people to anonymously seek help.  

You can read more about AskApp here:


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