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The Korean powerhouse of Education is looking to Denmark for inspiration

31.08.2017  13:05

In September 2017 a Korean delegation of 40 education supervisors will visit Denmark in order to research the Danish education system and benchmark it to the Korean system. The purpose of the visit is to research countries with advanced educational systems.
The research trip is initiated by the Korean Education Development Institute (KEDI) and funded by the Korean Ministry of Education.

As preparation for the forthcoming trip, Research and Innovation Counsellor Torben Orla Nielsen from Innovation Centre Denmark in Seoul was invited to introduce the delegation to the structure and general tendencies within the Danish education system. Furthermore, he discussed the topic of social mobility in the Danish education system and how far Denmark has come in regards to overcoming this challenge. The preparatory meeting took place on the 30th of August in Seoul.

The Korean delegation will be in Denmark for three days in September where they will visit The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Ørestad Gymnasium as well as other relevant institutions within the upper secondary education programmes and higher education programmes. The KEDI led delegation is especially interested in the transition from the two education levels and how the admission process for higher education in Denmark differ from the Korean process.


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