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K-Startup Grand Challenge 2017

04.05.2017  03:36

The Korean K-Startup Grand Challenge 2017 is open for applications. The Korean government is inviting global entrepreneurs and startups to take part in a four-month accelerating program from 7th August to 30th November, at Pangyo Techno Vally in Korea. A golden opportunity to meet the tech-savvy business and R&D communities in Korea. At the end of the accelerating program, the government will host a Demo Day, where 25 startups will be selected. These 25 startups will be eligible for an additional $27,000 grant in equal instalments over six months if they establish a legal entity in Korea.

Grants for Top 4 Startups

Top Prize: $100,000

Second Prize: $40,000

Second Runner-up: $20,000

Third Runner-up: $6,000

In addition for the 50 startups going to Korea,  a total of 12.000USD is provided to cover the four months living expenses while in Korea.

Application deadline is 7th June.

For further information or assistance, please contact

Maria Skou, Head of Innovation Centre Denmark in Seoul


Torben Orla Nielsen, Innovation & Research Counsellor at ICDK Seoul

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