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Rota da Inovacao in Copenhagen

29.03.2017  13:34

Innovation is a hot topic in Brazil as anywhere in the world. Back in 2015,  Innovation Centre Denmark guided a Brazilian TV production company to contacts and cases in Denmark for a TV-series on innovation around the world called “Rota da Inovação” (Innovation Route). The series is now done and will be showing on Brazilian nationwide TV Cultura in April 2017.
The TV-series is hosted by the Brazilian winner of ‘O Aprendiz’ (The Apprentice) Clodoaldo Araújo, who travels around the world to have a closer look on startup environments and innovative ideas. One of the places he visits is Copenhagen.

In this episode the host meets several Danish innovative companies and organizations: ‘Butchers and Bicycles’, the student startup from DTU ‘Nordic Sake’, the architectural company ‘BIG’, the amateur spaceship inventors in ‘Copenhagen Suborbitals’ and cross governmental innovation unit ‘MindLab’.

Travelling around Copenhagen on bike, the host offers the Brazilian viewer a positive impression of vibrant innovative atmosphere as well as beautiful images of the city itself. In this video the host explains about the extensive network of bike lanes around the city and the trash cans aimed at the cyclists.

The episode about Copenhagen will be aired on TV Cultura the 5th of April, 10:30 pm.

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