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A closer look at the Brazilian economy and consumption

23.05.2017  15:02
Danish and Brazilian experts met at Innovation Centre Denmark in São Paulo to discuss the changes to Brazilian economy and consumption during the past decades, coinciding with the rise of the new middle class in Brazil.

On 15 and 16 May 2017, Brazilian macro economists and consumer behaviour researchers gathered for a mini-workshop on economic scenarios for Brazil and developments of consumer practices at Innovation Centre Denmark in Sao Paulo.

The rise of the middle class in Brazil has given room for new opportunities both for the Brazilian citizens as well as for Danish companies in the big Latin American market. This workshop shed light on Brazilian consumption from two different perspectives: macroeconomic effects and developments and ethnographic studies of consumer behaviour.

While in the first day discussions were focused towards the effects of a domestic consumption-driven economic growth, in the second day the experts approached the “consumption dreams” from the perspective of the individual, and how those desires were shaped by the aesthetics of the middle class. The interdisciplinary approach provided a fuller picture of the changes Brazil has been going through, thereby adding valuable knowledge to each other’s work as well as to the Innovation Centre.

Brazil offers a vast amount of opportunities. However, as the political developments the past week have shown, it is more than difficult to make precise predictions for the Brazilian economy reason why a deep understanding of its market and consumers is paramount. With this workshop, the grounds are laid for future research cooperation between Denmark and Brazil to hopefully inspire even more new thoughts and knowledge of the Brazilian market.