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Opportunities within the Indian Medical Device market

08.05.2017  11:48

...There are four clear areas to work on (...) for Companies who are looking at the Indian market: rapid diagnostics, remote diagnosis, simpler solutions replacing specialized equipments and devices that improve doctors' efficiency. There is a clear gap between the existing solutions, prevalence of disease conditions and market needs in India. Companies looking to establish themselves in this market have to think of solutions to bridge these gaps.”

The words belong to Molshree Pandey, Head of Innovation Centre Denmark, India. She has written an in-depth article on the opportunities within the Indian Medical Device Market, accessible here

ICDK India furthermore organises a 4 day “Medical Device Market Discovery” Innovation Camp from 4-7 September, 2017. The innovation camp is open for Danish medical device SMEs and large corporations as well as medical device researchers from Danish universities, who want first-hand experience with healthcare opportunities in India – from both a research and a commercial perspective.

Curious about the innovation camp on “Medical Device Market Discovery”? Sign up for the preparatory webinar the 11th May 2017, here!

For more information about the “Medical Device Market Discovery” Innovation Camp, please follow this link or contact Molshree Pandey on or +91 11 4209 0771.

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