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Denmark intensify drone cooperation with South Korea and Germany

27.10.2017  06:18

On October 10-12 Innovation Centre Denmark Seoul and Munich hosted a research workshop with participation of 20 researchers from Denmark, South Korea and Germany including representation from DTU, SDU, Aalborg University, DTI, DFM, Stuttgart University, KARI and KAIST.

Innovation Centre Denmark has initiated various projects in order to engage in international collaboration on drone research as a direct result of the release of the Danish national drone strategy.

In March 2017 ICDK Munich succeeded in hosting their first workshop on drones, where both Danish and German universities participated as well as technological institutions and companies from both countries. Furthermore, ICDK Seoul hosted a roundtable meeting in Denmark, where both Danish and Korean representatives participated in order to discuss the further collaboration on drone research between the two countries. The workshop held in Odense was the culmination of the initiatives already initiated by both offices’ side.

The workshop was a part of the ‘TUS Nordics Drone Conference’ in Odense. The focus of the conference was on industrial use of drones within the following fields: construction, agriculture, manufacturing, offshoring. In addition, the focus was on implementing drones in current energy and environmental technologies.

In 2018 ICDK Seoul will continue the involvement in international drone research by bringing Danish companies and institutions to ‘Drone Show Korea 2018’, which will be held on January 25-27, 2018. The Munich office is currently working on a study visit for Danish researchers and companies to the southern part of Germany, which should provide a profound insight to German drone clusters and research.

The national drone strategy has also resulted in various initiatives performed in Denmark by different Danish institutions. Currently three different research centres specializing in drone technology has been opened. The centres are spread around the country on three different universities: Aalborg University, University of Southern Denmark and at the Technical University of Denmark. Also, the national drone industry network’s (UAS Denmark) test centre in Odense has established itself as a leading test centre in Europe. 



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