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Drone Innovation Camp Seoul

31.05.2017  10:43


Drone Innovation Camp in South Korea 
On September 11th- 14th, Innovation Centre Denmark in Korea, will be hosting a drone innovation camp in Seoul. 
Like Denmark, South Korea has increased its focus on internationalization of business and research with its international drone-strategy, which is why four South Korean ministries have started collaborating to promote drone-related research and development opportunities, while at the same time fostering international collaborations for SMEs.
ICDK Seoul invites Danish drone companies and research institutions to participate in the four-day program. The aim of the week is to give an introduction to the main players in drone development in Korea as well as create B2B and B2G meetings, match-making, and visit research institutions and technological hotspots and more. 
Further information can be found here or contact Sunwoo Vivian Lee at
On June 12th, UAS Denmark in Odense, will host an information meeting from 10-12am, where ICDK Seoul will provide more information about the upcoming Drone Innovation Camp in September.
For registration for the info-meeting, please follow the link: