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Co-creation of sustainable furniture concepts in Shanghai

14.11.2014  07:28

The objective was to develop sustainable concepts within the field of ‘movable workspaces’ in in cooperation with Chinese and Danish design companies. ICDK Shanghai contributed on the company side whereas Innonet Lifestyle facilitated the process.

The Danish and Chinese companies and students are supposed to develop sustainable ideas which address modern information-and knowledge workers’ need for more flexible workspaces, says facilitator Henriette Melchiorsen from Innonet Lifestyle.

The 3 ½ week long joint teaching course was kicked-off with a two-day long workshop between Kolding School of Design and Tongji University. The students were put in groups consisting of both Danes and Chinese. A co-creation process between the mixed student groups and the companies (Paustian, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Avarte and MATSU) took place.



The workshop’s output was to present a ‘design brief’ that was based on the inputs from the companies and an idea generating process.




From idea to product – ‘Movable workspaces’

The teaching course began after the workshop. The students continued to work with their project on ‘a movable workspace’ in their student groups and in close collaboration with the companies, which resulted in a 1:1 prototype/model. On Friday 7 November, the students presented, exhibited and got an evaluation of their solutions at Tongji University. Among the results were: a flip-back chair to e.g. airports for working while travelling; a movable office; a solution for noise reduction in offices; and a personal desk solution for libraries.




Shanghai Design Week 2014

Innovation Centre Denmark Shanghai is proud of having contributed to this inspiring project. The joint student workshop was a part of ICDK Shanghai’s innovation project ‘Shanghai Design Week 2014’. Additionally, the innovation project also counted a contribution to the Shanghai Design Week 2014 Exhibition on 9-12 October in Shanghai, where innovation Centre Denmark facilitated showcase of Danish design products such as furniture and accessories etc. at the exhibition in the Nordic area under the theme ‘From Nature to Usual’



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