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Innovation Package

Through our Innovation Package SMEs with international potential can get a subsidy to counseling in one or more of our locations: Munich, New Delhi, São Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv. 

What do you get?

The Innovation Package will be tailored for you but can consist of:   

  • Meetings, networking and seminars with key players
  • Access to international knowledge and research
  • Assessment of your business model or technology

How much does it cost?

The Innovation Package includes 35-100 hours of counseling. An SME can buy one package per location and a maximum of three packages. The Trade Council subsidies the total price with 35% on the charge of 935 DKK per hour. Extra hours can be bought for the ordinary charge.

Who can participate?

An Innovation Package is for technology intensive SMEs and entrepreneurs with no more than 100 employees and DKK 150 million in annual turnover.

For more information or application form, please contact:

Application Procedure 

Anja Pedersen
+45 3392 0450

Program Information
Emil Linnet
+45 3392 0400

CASE example: Audiowise

Audiowise decided to build their strategy for Korea with the use of the Innovation Package programme for SMEs with a tailor-made programme and meetings and networking with key players. 


As a result, Hyundai signed on Audiowise to develop sound design for Hyundai's new driverless auto. 


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