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China is increasingly becoming an interesting consumer driven market for Danish companies. In order to guide Danish SMEs into successful market entry in China, Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai has developed a new partnership model which is illustrated in this newsletter.

In cooperation with the Danish companies, we define ambitious milestone based goals and work closely with the companies as their locally based trusted partner towards reaching the goals.

We are very happy to see the model work as the SMEs are succeeding in finding the right partners, discovering the right business models, building professional business plans, securing funding and/or establishing their first core teams in China.


In this newsletter you will also be presented to the highlights from our activities in Q1 as well as interesting upcoming events in Q2 2016. Enjoy!
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                                                                                               Morten Brandtoft, Executive Director, ICDK

Mapping of China's R&D Status and Development 
ICDK, in February, published a mapping report over the current development and activities in the Chinese R&D that corresponds with focus of the Danish Innovation Networks within 22 specific sectors.
The report aims to inspire Danish Innovation networks, research institutions and companies with the vast opportunities for collaboration that lie in China, as well as to give an introduction to the significant policy initiatives that are expected to become strong R&D tendencies in the years to come. You can obtain full access to the report by clicking HERE.
ICDK's New Partnership Model
In order to provide a better overview of how ICDK works with SMEs to accelerate successful entry into the Chinese market, ICDK has developed a new partner based model specifically targeting Danish Start-Ups and SMEs.
The model illustrates the natural steps to discover and clarify in different stages – and how the Innovation Centre can assist SMEs in approaching the market in a professional way.
You can gain full access to our New Partnership Model by clicking HERE.

From Startup to International Scaleup
The engineering association IDA and 5 Innovation Centres from Shanghai, Silicon Valley,  Seoul, New Delhi and Munich hosted a start-up event in Copenhagen Thursday the 5th February 2016. Local startup environments, innovation trends, and specific opportunities for Danish startups and SMEs in the areas of the innovation centres  were the topics of the event. Morten Brandtoft, the executive director of ICDK Shanghai, gave a speech about the new market opportunities, the startup ecosystem and innovation projects in China.

Nordic Startup  Conference 2016
In February 2016, Nordic Startup Conference brought together disruptive technologies, start-ups and investments in Northern Europe to Copenhagen. The purpose is to show the high quality of startups that the Nordic region can deliver, to build bridges between stakeholders that can enjoy mutual benefit working together, and to establish an active network which will make Nordic region stronger as a whole. The headquarter of ICDK, as one of the sponsors of the event, participated in the conference and promoted ICDK's organization, vision and mission.


APRIL  SOFC Forum - Driving for Energy Efficiency

Fossil fuels, the dominating sources of energy in the last century, are gradually drawing more and more opposing attention due to the damage they incur upon the environment. Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC), as one of the green energy technologies in the 21st century, will play a key role in transition towards clean and low-carbon energy technologies. ICDK, together with Tsinghua University and Technical University of Denmark (DTU),  will hold a 4-day forum (8th - 11th April) aiming to review current status of the solid oxide cell (SOC) technology development, to promote discussions on potential technology breakthrough, and to explore possibilities for commercialization of the technology.
MAY Biomass Tech Forum - Towards Lower Emission
In order to produce one unit of energy, burning coal creates two times the emission compared to natural gas. Shanghai, as part of its energy transition plan, has decided to gradually replace coal with natural gas. However, due to the big cost differences between the two, an interim solution is introduced - biomass.
The biggest challenge for using biomass as an energy source lies in combustion waste treatment. Shanghai New Energy Centre for Technology and Industry Promotion, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Technical University of Denmark, and Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai are arranging 4-day conference with forums, academic discussion, institutional meetings, and visits to relevant enterprises under this topic.
JUNE The Next 4 Billion - Consumer Driven Trends & Opportunities towards 2020
The rise of the Chinese consumer and the overall shift towards a consumer driven economy, provides exceptional opportunities in new segments. Danish companies have a long history of making world class solutions and products targeting a premium segment across Global markets. However, in order to fully exploit the vast and continuously expanding Mid-market consumer opportunities, new business models and competitive products needs to be developed. The Next 4 Billion is a joint project with ICDKs in India and Brazil aiming at inspiring Danish companies to create attractive offerings to the Next 4 Billion Mid-market consumers.
* If you are interested in or have questions about the above events, please feel welcome to contact our communication and innovation intern Sara Peng (

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